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Carter & Davidson Dentistry is a full-service clinic, which means we're equipped to handle pretty much all of your dental needs. To help you understand your options, we've included brief descriptions of our services and treatments.

Preventative & Diagnostic Care

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Your initial visit includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations. We offer a comfortable environment and tips on how to care for your teeth and protect your smile!


This tiny digital camera looks like a pen and can be easily moved around your mouth to help us to see cracks in old silver fillings or fractures in the tooth structure and enamel that could not be seen by the naked eye. It also offers you a clear vision of what the dentist finds.

Digital Radiography

Advances in digital radiology allow us to X-ray our patients safely and quickly. Patients simply bite down on digital sensors. Within seconds, digital images are ready for viewing. Our new Kodak sensors provide the best quality and comfort in the business.

DENTAL implants

Dental implants are the ideal permanent replacement for missing teeth or for added retention under removable prosthetics, such as partials or dentures. Dr. Davidson uses the latest technology to digitally plan your implant placement surgery using custom guides.

Restorative Services


A filling is the most common form of tooth restoration. The decay is removed and a filling material, either silver amalgam or tooth-colored composite is placed directly into the tooth, carved to resemble the original form, and then cured to restore the function of the tooth.


A crown is a lab-created tooth-shaped "cap" that covers the entire visible portion of a tooth. A crown can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. A crown may be recommended for several different reasons by your dentist.


A dental bridge bridges the gap created by missing teeth. It's made of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap, and a false tooth/teeth in between. They can be made from gold, alloys, or porcelain, and they are supported by natural teeth or implants.


Inlays and onlays are ideal when a filling isn't enough and a crown is too much. They're used to repair posterior teeth that have a mild to moderate amount of decay. They can also be used to restore teeth that are cracked or fractured and the damage doesn't require a crown.


Extractions are performed for a variety of reasons, including severe tooth decay, periodontal disease, or if the anatomy of a tooth has failed. Teeth can also be extracted for orthodontic reasons.

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture (RPD) benefits a patient who is missing some of their teeth by replacing those teeth that have been lost.

Complete Dentures

A complete denture, whether upper or lower or both, benefits a patient who is missing all of their teeth by replacing the entire upper arch or lower arch with a complete denture.

Implant-Supported Dentures

We can provide transitional dentures along with implant-supported dentures for both upper and lower arches. A denture supported by implants snaps onto the implant post which provides a firm, stable fit.

Cosmetic Dental Care


These ultra-thin shells of porcelain are bonded directly to the surface of the teeth and have the ability to correct gaps, cover permanent discoloration, and correct teeth that are misshapen. They're virtually invisible so even in direct sunlight, they take on the natural color and translucency of a natural tooth. 

Dental Bleaching

Tooth whitening is a common procedure. Custom bleaching trays are made in our lab to perfectly fit over your teeth. You're sent home with a bleaching solution that goes inside the trays while you sleep. Our technique provides peak whitening in only 12 days of consecutive use. Touch-up kits are available as needed.

Additional Services

Oral Sedation

At our practice, comfort is our biggest concern. If you fear dental injections, have sensitive teeth, or just dread dental procedures in general, talk to us about your concerns prior to your scheduled operative appointment. 

We offer anti-anxiety medications, along with Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) so you can feel calm and relaxed in the dental chair while we work on giving you a healthy smile.

TMJ Therapy

TemperoMandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder is a term usually used to describe pain and inflammation of the jaw joint. TMJ disorders develop for many reasons. You might clench or grind your teeth, tightening your jaw muscles, and stressing your jaw joint. Or, you may have damaged your jaw due to an injury or disease. Whatever the cause, the results may include a misaligned bite, jaw pain, headaches, and clicking or grating noises when you open and close your mouth. A very successful treatment option is a lab-created occlusal splint - an acrylic appliance that fits over your top teeth to establish harmony between your muscles and joints. Regular wear of an occlusal splint (usually at night) relieves pressure on your joint and allows the muscles to relax, alleviating pain associated with TMJ disorder.

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